IVA impact on job

What impact does Individual voluntary agreement (IVA) can have on my job?

You might be concerned about how an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) will effect your employment if you’re considering one. We administer IVAs for many of our customers at IVAonline, and the good news is that most jobs are unaffected by having an IVA, but there are several crucial exceptions. To understand better will an IVA effect my job these are some things to consider.

Before you proceed with an IVA, make sure you understand whether or not your employment will be affected. You should get free and unbiased debt help before applying for any debt solution to see which solutions are best suited to your circumstances.

Will an iva effect my job?

An IVA has no effect on the majority of employment. You simply go about your business as usual. Because your employer will not be informed, it is highly unlikely that they will find out.

The payments you make to the Arrangement are made by standing order from your bank account. They aren’t deducted from your paycheck. They’ve got nothing to do with your boss.If your employer looked up your name on the Insolvency Register, they could be able to learn about your situation. However, it is improbable that they will do so in the majority of cases.

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Is it possible to apply for a new job while on an IVA?

There is nothing preventing you from changing jobs during an IVA. You are not prohibited from doing so by the Arrangement.

A prospective employer may, however, ask if you are insolvent or facing official insolvency proceedings in specific limited circumstances. If they do, you must be truthful about your IVA, which may be used against you.If you’re asked if you’re insolvent during the job application process, you should say yes. If an employer is concerned about this, they may readily double-check your answer on the Insolvency Register.

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